Top Tips For Dog Training






Top Tips For Dog Training

Training your dog is always an exciting experience for both the dog and owner, however, you need to ensure the training is done correctly in order to ensure its worthwhile in the future. Dog training in Essex will help you and your furry friend work together to be compatible.


To help you out, we have pulled together some top tips to help you train your furry friend.



Training a dog takes time and involves a fair amount of patience. Your dog won’t pick up the trick straight away, so stay calm, keeping teaching them and encourage them with positive words and treats. Dogs respond very well to higher pitched noises, so when encouraging your dog, do it in a bit of a higher voice and you may find you recieve more positive results.



Being consistent when training your dog is very important. Make sure the dog understands what you are asking from them. The best way to do this is by having clear commands for certain tricks. For example, saying ‘sit’ to get your dog to sit down. Having clear commands will enable the dog to associate the command with the action. If you start changing the command for the same the dog will end up confused. For example, you may start using the command ‘please’ to get your dog to lift their paw for a treat. If you suddenly change this command to ‘paw’ then the dog will get confused. So, you need to ensure you remain consistent with commands and also with rewards. When the dog does the action correctly, give them a small treat to allow them to understand they did well.



Once you have started to teach your dog a trick, make sure you keep repeating it so they don’t forget. Tricks can easily be forgotten, just like we easily forget information if it’s not repeated. Ensure you continue to get your dog to do the same trick and keep it up for as long as you can. Long periods without doing the trick can cause the dog to forget.


If you need any assistance with training your dog, contact us today. Dog training in Essex is a fantastic place to ensure your dog gets the best training possible.

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