Tools Used For Dog Grooming








Tools Used For Dog Grooming

It is important to know what tools are being used when your dog goes in for a grooming. If you are interested in finding out more about dog grooming read on here or get in touch with dog grooming in Essex today.


Commonly, there are a range of brushes that are used and each has its own purpose and job. The type of brush used will be dependent on the type of fur your dog has. Six of the most common brushes are Bristle Brushes, Wire-Pin Brushes, Slicker Brushes, De-Matting Rake, Shedding Blade and Rubber Brush.

Typically, bristle brushes would be used for dogs with longer coats of fur. This type of brush helps to add shine and remove any dirt that may be hiding beneath the coat.

However, if your dog has a curly coat, you may find your dog groomer uses a wire-pin brush. This is excellent for removing dirt and getting through thick, curly coats (without causing any harm to your dog).


Clippers are an important tool to use in dog grooming. If you tend to walk your dog in fields and not some much on hard grounds, you may find that your dog’s nails get quite long. This is because when the dog is walking in a field, the ground isn’t hard enough to essentially file the nail down. Should the nails get too long, it can begin to hurt your dog when they work as the nails will push off the floor. In a dog grooming facility, the groomer will ensure to trim back the nails with a pair of clippers.

Tooth Brush

In some case, if your dog is patient enough, your groomer will try to brush your dog’s teeth. Some dogs won’t have a problem with this and they will just sit quietly and let the groomer brush their teeth. However, other dogs really struggle to let a groomer near there mouth for a brushing. If this is the case, it is likely your groomer will provide some suggestions on how you can help your dog clean their own teeth. This would be achieved using special treat specifically designed to help freshen up the dog’s mouth.


PH-balanced shampoos and conditioners are used on dogs to ensure they are washed and left smelling beautiful without causing any irritation to their skin. These shampoos are used everywhere and if you want to wash your dog at home but can’t find a special shampoo, you could try baby shampoos as they are also designed to reduce irritation to the skin. Dog grooming in Essex has the perfect advice for grooming all breeds of dogs. For more information get in touch with us now.


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