Summer Dog Grooming





Summer Dog Grooming

Temperatures are beginning to warm up and as a result, it is important that you ensure that your dog is getting the best grooming possible. There are lots of areas to look out for and things you need to take into account.


Below we have highlighted some of the important areas you need to bear in mind this summer to make sure your dog has the summer of a lifetime.


For more information, get in touch with dog grooming in Essex who have a great deal of experience in dog grooming and will be able to provide specific advice to your breed of dog.


Paw Care

As the sun comes out, taking our dogs for long scenic walks becomes more and more desirable. There is nothing better than being at peace with your furry friend in the beaming sun. When walking your dog, it is important to take into account the outside temperature. Dogs have bare feet when they walk and the ground absorbs the heat on a hot day. It is easy to forget about the temperature of the ground as we walk in shoes, but for dogs, this can burn the pads on the bottom of their feet.


As a test, you should place your hand on the ground. If you cannot keep it there for 5 seconds. If it is too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your dog’s bare feet.


Look after your dog’s feet by using a ‘Paw Wax’. This wax will help prevent your dog’s paws from drying out and cracking. The wax can also keep your dog’s paws protected from hot sand, hot pavements and hot & jagged rocks.


Fleas & Ticks

It’s coming back to the time of year when fleas and ticks are thriving. After going on walks through wooded areas or grassy areas, check your dog’s fur for ticks, especially around the head and ears.

Ticks need to be removed as soon as possible as they can transmit diseases and embed them into the skin within hours.


Keep an eye out for symptoms of fleas as well. Commonly, fleas cause your dog to itch a lot, however, in some cases, the dog may not scratch at all. Look out for fleas, eggs and dirt-black specs (flea waste).


To remove fleas, buy a specially formulated flea shampoo and a flea comb. Once, the fleas are gone, remember to regularly de-flea your dog as a future preventative measure.


Ear Care

Ear care is always essential, however, during warmer months, it becomes more of a priority. The humidity in the air can make your dog’s ears an ideal home for yeats and bacteria. This can result in infection if not treated, especially if your dog is a regular swimmer.

Keep up with ear treatments at the vets or at home to flush out build ups of wax.


If you are in need of assistance in keeping your dog groomed, then get in touch with dog grooming in Essex today and a friendly member of the team will advise.



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