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The philosophy behind reiki is one of promoting healing, compassion and a sense of well-being. Often it has been used to heal humans, for example, those with special needs or physical injuries. Reiki is even administered in hospices for humans and animals alike. The principle involves the use of centuries old traditional symbols to open energy channels that may have become blocked and consequently lead to discomfort and illness. During the treatment, no physical touch is needed, only the practitioner’s energy healing techniques. Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Reiki for animals.

How can Reiki benefit my pet?

Just in the same way as human to human reiki, your pet can benefit from animal reiki. All manner of centres that work with animals (and people) utilise the power of reiki on a daily basis to heal and promote wellness. Animal reiki can be used for any pet to reduce stress, relax nervous pets, heal emotional issues and provide comfort. Animal reiki can even be administered long-distance so you and your pet won’t be intruded upon.

My pet takes prescribed medication. Can Reiki still be administered?

Yes. Reiki is a natural and completely safe method of healing and can be used in conjunction with all manner of medications and other treatments to promote faster healing and relaxation.

Can Reiki help my pet with PTSD?

Yes, reiki is ideal for pets with PTSD as well as a wide variety of other challenges, including all manner of illnesses, allergies, stress, emotional issues, dietary problems and including those who have difficulty travelling, such as feral animals.

Does Reiki interfere with my spiritual or religious beliefs?

No, reiki works independently of any religious or spiritual beliefs and it is concerned with energy channels in the body.

Does Reiki for pets work?

Yes! Have you ever noticed that your pet can relax you and make you feel better simply by being there? Well, your pet is effectively using reiki to heal you. The same can be said for reiki delivered to your pet, as we all contain energy channels within us that become blocked from time to time and lead to physical manifestations, such as pain. The principle of reiki healing remains the same for humans or animals and depending on the receptiveness of the client, will promote healing.

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