Improve Your Dog’s Cognitive Functions








It’s essential that you spend time with your dog and train them effectively. This time spent training will help develop your dog’s brain. After the training session, treat your pooch to a day of pampering and get them groomed. Dog grooming in Essex will treat your dog to a luxury day of grooming.


Dog Training Toys

To help develop your dog’s cognitive functions you can get training toys. These toys require the dog to work out how to get a treat out of the toy. The toy will have a selection of puzzles, and a treat will need to be placed inside each puzzle. The dog, after watching where the treat has been placed, then needs to work out how to retrieve it.


Nutritious Diet

Like us, dogs need the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. These minerals and vitamins keep them healthy and benefit them when they get older. Some of the vitamins and minerals they need are Omega 3, vitamins C & E, calcium and phosphorus. These are keeping them strong and attentive.

If you are unsure how to give your dog the correct vitamins and minerals, then have a look at types of dog food. Certain dog foods will contain the suitable vitamins and minerals for your dog, so be sure to read the back of your dog food packet.


Social Interactions

Regularly walking your dog allows them to exercise, get fresh air and interact with other dogs. This interaction is significant as it teaches your dog social skills with both people and dogs. These skills are critical as it will allow the dog to understand new environments, meet strangers and meet other dogs. Once your dog becomes an adult, it will then be much easier to go on days out with them, and they’ll be more relaxed when meeting strangers.  



Training your dog is essential as it will teach them to be obedient and understand basic commands. These commands should include: their name, yes/no, sit, stay and come. With these commands, the dog will be much more compliant and easier to handle. With your dog knowing specific commands it will also build their intelligence and further expand their cognitive functions. Dog training in Essex have professionals who will assist you with training, and make the bond stronger between you and your furry friend.

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