Why Should I Go Ahead With Dog Training Classes?







Dog training is an essential aspect of responsible dog ownership. Not only does it strengthen the bond between you and your dog, it is a fun way of introducing them to valuable social skills that will serve them throughout their life. Here is a more detailed look at why you should go ahead with dog training classes.

Prevent Unwanted Behaviour the Right Way

Dog training is an invaluable way to socialise your dog. All of the training your dog undergoes in class will help them prepare to cope with everyday situations, such as crossing the road safely. The important thing to remember is that training should always be based on positive, reward-based techniques. In class, you will learn how to train your dog correctly by encouraging good behaviour, rather than punishing bad behaviour. This is by far a more effective method of training your dog and will ensure that they enjoy the process as much as you will.

Mental Stimulation

Dog training provides mental stimulation as well as physical activity. This is incredibly important in fostering a lifestyle that is fulfilling for your pet. Boredom is known to negatively impact an animal’s well-being and in some cases, could lead to destructive behaviour.  

Improve Social Skills

Social interaction is as important for dogs as it is for humans. This is because it instils a stronger sense of confidence. Through dog training, your dog can learn to make friends and you can enjoy the added benefit of meeting like-minded people. Observing how your dog copes while interacting with others will also help you understand them better and bring you closer together.

Royal Pooches offer professional dog grooming and dog training for all types of dogs. The dog training courses we offer are specifically designed to be both effective and enjoyable for your dog and for you. We will work together with you on a one to one basis to provide a bespoke learning experience that aims to cater for every skill level and desired outcome. Our courses cover everything from basic obedience to competition level training, so you’re bound to find what you are looking for. To find out more about how we can help your dog, contact us today.

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