Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend







Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend

Dogs aren’t seen as pets; they are part of the family. They are commonly known as man’s best friend due to their unconditional love to us. Pamper your pooch with our dog grooming in Essex to give back the love they give us.

We strongly believe they’re man’s best friends and we have written some reasons as to why!  



Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the world. They are dependent on us for food and shelter, and in return, they shower us with love and joy. They are constantly happy and will always be there for you to brighten your day. If you leave them for a period of time, whether it’s five minutes or a few hours; when you return they are the happiest things in the world. Their tail will wag non-stop expressing their joy and happiness, and some may even bring you a toy to welcome you home.  



Playing with your dog can be one of the most entertaining things to do due to their playful and loving nature. Dog training in Essex can help you teach your dog various tricks and talents that will add joy to your playtime. Dogs are exceptionally smart, and you can teach them to do just about anything. This further builds a stronger bond between you and your dog.   



Dogs are pack animals, and they are used to walking around in a group and having a territory zone. Their territory tends to be your home, and their pack is you and your family. This makes them very protective of you and your home. If they feel you are threatened, they will growl and bark consistently as a defensive mechanism to ward off any unwanted attention from people who may be on their territory or getting too close to you.  



Calling your dog a mini-dishwasher may not sound hygienic, but don’t worry they’re not cleaning the dishes! Have you ever finished a meal and had food leftover but it’s not enough to save and would be a waste to throw away? Well, this is where the dog comes in. With their huge appetite, they make the perfect food disposal system and will hoover up any leftovers you have.

Dogs will always be hungry due to their bodies absorbing the nutrients in the food quickly, resulting in them being hungry quite regularly despite what you feed them. Due to this, you will never eat alone as they can sniff out food a mile away and will always sit next to you just in case you drop some food or have leftovers for them.


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