Dog Training Made Easy









Dog Training Made Easy

Training your dog can seem like one of the most difficult tasks ever but at the same time is an enjoyable and important bonding moment for you and your furry friend. Should you be in need of extra help and assistance when training your dog, then dog training in Rayne will provide you with the ultimate support and tips to get your dog to be more compatible with you.    


The most important part of training is to ensure that the dog knows that you are the alpha. If your dog thinks it’s the alpha, you will struggle to control the dog as it will want to do what it wants despite what you say.


When training your dog, there are a few things you can do to encourage them and teach them tricks. The best form of encouragement would be providing treats. Dogs will do absolutely anything for food, and from knowing that if they do the trick, they’ll get food afterwards, it will motivate them more to try and do what you’re asking them to.

Toys also work very well as encouragement. Often parents might give their children a new toy to motivate them/congratulate them for doing something. This can be used with dogs too. Giving them a special toy for learning a trick will make them feel like what they did was correct and it will encourage them to do it more. However, giving a special toy too often will remove the significance of it, and the dog will just think they’re getting lots of toys rather than receiving it for a symbolic reason.     

The hearing of a dog is much stronger than a human’s, and they can hear noises up to 45,000 Hertz, this allows them to hear much higher frequency sounds. As a result of this, using encouraging/enthusiastic words in a higher pitched voice will enable them to be much more responsive.  


Best Commands To Teach Your Dog

When first training your dog it’s best to teach them the basic commands first. This involves things such as sit, stay, lie down, gentle and please/paw. Teaching your dog these commands will enable days out to be easier due to your dog being more compliant with you. Once you’ve taught your dog the basics, you can then teach them more extravagant tricks. For example, balancing treats on their nose, playing dead, playing hide and seek or perhaps even sneezing on command.    


Teaching your dog tricks like ‘roll-over’ can make their fur all matted. Dog grooming in Rayne will brush out those kinks and give your furry friend the shiniest and smoothest coat.

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