How Does Dog Training Help?







How Does Dog Training Help?


Dog training in Essex will help both you and your dog build social skills, a positive relationship, loyalty & companionship. As well as this, the dog training will assist the dog in learning life skills and preventing problematic behaviours.


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Build a Positive Relationship

Understanding your dog is a very important part of the training, as is your dog understanding you. To be compatible and have a strong relationship, you both need to understand how one another works. As you participate in dog training, the dog will start to understand what behaviours are right and wrong and how what indication you give to the dog for them to understand. For example, you may have taught your dog a selection of hand signals that indicate specific commands.

Teach Life Skills

Everything you teach your dog in training will be a life skill. The training will show your dog how to do basic commands such as sit, lie down and stay. These skills are irreplaceable and essential for your dog to be able to participate in day-to-day life. As well as the basic commands, your dog will also learn how to understand certain behaviours such as they must go to the toilet outside and they must only take food when they’ve been told it is okay to do so.

Increase Sociability

Each breed of dog is very different and therefore has different social abilities. Some dogs are very shy and struggle in social situations, whereas others are very confident and happy to approach other people and other dogs. To help your dog learn social skills, dog training classes are very effective. It is an opportunity for different types of dogs to socialise and learns acceptable behaviours from the training classes and from the other dogs – mirror training.

Prevent Problematic Behaviours

Training your dog builds a connection between you and your dog and you somewhat have your own language with one another. This enables them to feel comfortable, secure and confident – helping them in socialise situations in the human world. Teaching your dog the specific cues and commands that they will need in day-to-day life will help prevent any possibility for problematic behaviour. With your dog knowing what is right and wrong they will successfully be able to cooperate with human life.

Build Loyalty & Companionship

Dogs are called a mans best friend for many reasons. Their loyalty and compassion to others is so honest and irreplaceable. Training your dog will help further build the loyalty and companionship between you and your dog. They will understand the hierarchy in home life, knowing they are to follow the rules they have been taught. Naturally, dogs are very loyal, however, training solidifies it as it builds a strong relationship between the dog and human.


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