Dog Training Hand Signals





Dog Training Hand Signals

Training your dog can be a challenge, however, dog training in Essex has pulled together some tips and tricks we recommend to help you train your dog right the first time around.

Typically, owners use treats and toys to help train their dogs. This is great as it attracts the dog’s attention and it also makes for the perfect opportunity to teach them some commands with hand signals.

We recommend using treats in your hands as the smell and excitement of the treat will enable your dog to engage with you.


Learning To Sit

The best hand signal for this command would be having an open hand, palm up.

For achieving this, have your hand around chest height with the palm of your hand facing the sky. From here, simply move your hand in an upward motion – this is the hand signal. As you do this, ensure you say ‘sit’ at the same time. This way the dog will understand that both the hand gesture and the word ‘sit’ means the dog needs to sit.  


Learning To Stay

Teaching your dog to stay is a nice easy hand gesture. For this one, you need to have your hand open with your palm facing forwards (towards the dog). As you hold your hand out in this position, gradually walk backwards while saying ‘stay’ repeatedly. Again, this will allow your dog to associate both the hand gesture and word ‘stay’ with sitting and waiting until told otherwise.


Learning To Lie Down

Training your dog to lie down is perfect for when you need your dog to settle. Again, we have a nice easy command for this one too. Quite simply point your finger down in a diagonal motion. Start with your hand up by your chest and sweep your hand down towards. Having a treat in your hand for this one is very effective as the dog’s nose will follow the smell of the treat and therefore end lying down.

If you need any assistance in training your dog, get in touch with dog training in Essex. We are accredited in training dogs and have a vast amount of experience with all breeds and ages of dogs.

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