Dog Grooming Tips





Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming your dog should be part of a regular routine. Grooming isn’t just trimming fur, it also entails clipping nails, cleaning ears, washing the dog’s coat and much more. It is important to maintain this to ensure that your dog is clean and healthy.

If you don’t take your dog to a groomer, we have provided some tips that will help make sure you are grooming your dog as efficiently as possible.


Brushing Tips


Check for ticks as you brush
As you are brushing your dog, keep a close eye out for ticks. They bury their heads in the skin. You may notice the bugs themselves or small black flecks. Should you come across them, get out your tick removal tool and gently calm the dog and remove it. If you do not think you can remove it, then take your dog to the vets to have it professionally removed.

Determine how often you need to brush
Each breed dog will need brushing, however, some more than others. Most short coats require monthly brushing, but longer coats may require weekly attention. This concept also goes for how regularly you trim the fur.

For short coats
There are certain brushes you may find more effective than others when it comes to brushing your dog. If they have a short coat you may want to use a rubber brush followed by a bristle brush.

For long coats
With longer coats, you may find the best results from using a slicker brush to remove tangles (do this very gently). Similarly to before, finish off with a bristle brush.

Don’t forget the tail and feet
As you brush your dog, don’t forget to brush the tail and the feet. These are often forgotten about, however, are just as important are other areas.

Bathing Tips


Use a dog shampoo
When it comes to bathing your dog, be sure to use a dog-friendly shampoo. A dog’s skin is different to ours and is a lot more sensitive. As a result of this, be sure to use a mild shampoo with no irritation.

Start by brushing
Begin by brushing your dog’s fur. This will remove old hairs and allow the bathing process to be much easier and more effective.

Add lukewarm water
Again, remember how sensitive your dog’s skin is. Do NOT use hot water to wash your dog. Make sure you are using lukewarm water. If it’s too hot it will burn your dog, if it’s too cold it will be very difficult for both you and the dog – both will be very traumatic for your dog.

Use a jug
As you remove the soap from your dog, use a jug. This is the most controlled and safest way to remove soap from your dog without getting it on their face or in their ears. Be sure to remove all the soap, if any is left behind it will cause irritation on the dog’s skin.

Try a bath toy
Often it can be difficult to get your dog to comply with bathtime. If you are struggling, try to use a dog toy or a couple treats. This will encourage them to participate and turn the stressful situation into a fun one.

If you struggle to find time to groom your dog properly, or just feel more comfortable with a professional doing it, then get in touch with dog grooming in Essex now. Our team will be happy to advise and help out.

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