Why Dog Grooming Is So Important








While grooming makes your dog look fantastic and really look their best, it is not the only reason that you would book your beloved pooch in for dog grooming in Essex. Dog grooming is extremely important for all dogs but more important for dog breeds that have thicker or longer hair.

Health Checks

If you choose to take your dog for dog grooming in Essex at a professional salon then your dog groomer will perform a seven-point health check on your dog that will include checking their eyes, ears, skin, teeth, gums, nails and bottom. This can highlight any health issues and your dog groomer will report these to you.

Matt & Knot Reduction

However, you need to regularly brush your dog too so you can avoid the risk of matting and knots. Matts in a dogs fur can be very uncomfortable causing a lot of pain, tearing skin, cutting blood circulation, restricting your dog’s movement and causing skin irritations so make sure you put time aside to brush your dog.

Nail Trimming

It’s important that you keep your dog’s nails trimmed too so they don’t get too long as this can cause injury to the dog or other people. You can clip your dogs’ nails at home if you feel comfortable in doing so, or arrange for a dog groomer to do it for you.

Keeping Clean

We all know how much dogs love rolling in long grass and mud, jumping in rivers and just getting filthy, but a clean dog is a healthy and happy dog. You need to regularly wash your dog to get rid of excess dirt on their fur and to help keep them nice and clean – until next time!

Quality Time

Regular grooming between you, your dog and your family will be lovely quality time for you all. It will also get your dog used to be handled from a young age and will enable them to get used to grooming as a whole process that the dog can enjoy with the family.

House Cleanliness

Regular grooming of your dog will help with the general cleanliness of your home, because the brush and groom your dog, the less hair and dander there will be for your dog to shed in your home on sofas, floors and rugs. It will also help members of the family and visitors who may be prone to allergies.

Parasite Spotting

When you groom your dog you’ll be able to identify any external parasites on your dog such as ticks and fleas that you may not have previously noticed, but will be much easier to spot during a brief grooming and brushing session.

We would recommend that regular grooming takes place at home for all the reasons above, but appointments for dog grooming in Essex also need to be booked regularly so more thorough health checks can be completed, as well as fur clipping and nail trimming.

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