How Dog Grooming Helps Your Dog







Aside from helping to keep your dog looking beautiful, dog grooming is a great way of keeping your pet healthy and in tip top condition. Not only that, but your pet may really enjoy the relaxing experience of being pampered! Here are some beneficial aspects of a dog grooming regimen in more detail.

Healthy Coat  

The dog grooming process ensures that your dog’s coat is kept healthy and lush. This is because it enables aeration of the coat, improves blood circulation and prevents grease build up which can cause sebaceous gland blockages. Dog grooming also prevents matting, by removing the dead hair build up that stays in the coat.

A clean and manageable coat that is kept as aesthetically pleasing as possible is the ideal for every dog, no matter their breed. A skilled dog groomer will know exactly how to trim the dog’s coat according to their specific needs so that your dog always looks at their best. Bear in mind that dog grooming is also an essential task should you wish to show your dog.

Healthy Dog

Through the process of dog grooming, you or your groomer will be able to carry out a brief health check. This can identify any hidden lumps, sores or pests that may otherwise not be visible on your dog, which is a great way to keep them healthy and happy.

Tailor-made Grooming Experience

A professional dog groomer will be able to offer bespoke services specifically for your dog’s breed and coat type, as well as for your dog’s lifestyle and level of activity. This is important because not every dog will need certain treatments, whereas others may need professional products designed for their coat type and specific needs. Your groomer should also be able to cater for dogs with allergies.

Enables Social Interaction

Dog grooming is a great way to enable your dog to interact with other dogs in a relaxing environment!

Royal Pooches offer professional dog grooming in Essex that delivers the very best in dog grooming for all types of dogs. We aim to provide your pet with a positive grooming experience in a relaxing environment. To arrange an initial consultation, contact us by phone or on our website.

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