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Dogs are a blessing. They bring us joy, happiness, love and loyalty. Treat your dog to a spa day with dog grooming in Braintree. Their friendly and loving staff will pamper your pooch offering them time to unwind and relax. During their pamper session, they will be treated to a luxury groom from head to tail.


How Long Does it Take?

The duration of the dog groom is strongly dependant on the size of your dog. Larger dogs will naturally take a bit longer to groom than smaller dogs. However, the average time spent grooming your dog is about 2-3 hours. During this time your dog will be thoroughly pampered and treated like royalty.


What is Involved?

Within a dog grooming appointment, there are many services that are included. Your furry friend will be given a luxurious wash and towel/blow dry after, leaving them smelling fresh. Their fur will also be trimmed to an appropriate length. Short enough so that they can see and walk without standing on it but not so short that there isn’t enough fur to keep them warm. Your dog’s nails will also be clipped. If their nails get too long, it can become uncomfortable for them to walk on and potentially be quite painful. There are health aspects that will be looked at too to keep them in tip-top condition. Your pooch’s teeth will be cleaned along with their ears and eyes.     


What is ‘Hand-Stripping’?

‘Hand-Stripping’ is a way of trimming a dog’s fur. The groomer will use their hands to get rid of the topcoat of fur. Rather than using clippers and just trimming the hair, hand-stripping enables them to get the hair from the root. By doing this, the dog’s coat looks shinier, healthier and is softer. Hand-stripping doesn’t need to be done very regularly as you need to allow for time for the dog to grow back a full coat of fur. As a result of this, it only needs to be done a couple of times a year.


What Breeds Should be Hand-Stripped?

It isn’t necessarily the breed that determines whether or not your dog needs to be hand-stripped, it’s more the texture of their coat. The texture of some dogs coats can be determined by their breed as they have a generic texture for their breed. You can identify those that require their coat to be hand-stripped by how many coats of fur they have. There are two coats with different textures. The undercoat is soft and dense, whereas the topcoat is longer and almost wiry. The process of hand-stripping removes the hairs on the topcoat to allow for the undercoat to come through.


How Regularly Should My Dog be Groomed?

How regularly you get your dog groomed is up to you; however, the recommended time frame is every 4-6 weeks. The most accurate way to judge when your dog next needs grooming is to keep an eye on them and see when they need one based on their nail and fur length.


Is There Anything I Need to Bring?

For a dog grooming appointment, there isn’t much you need to take with you. You will need to have your dog’s collar and lead to make the grooming session that bit easier. If it is your first time going to the groomers, you may need to take vaccination certificates. There are a selection of vaccinations dogs need to have when they’re puppies. These vaccines protect them from all sorts of diseases and infections. When your dog comes for a grooming session, they will need to have had these vaccines, and you may be required to show evidence of this when you arrive.


How Can I Prepare My Dog?

There isn’t a lot of preparation your dog needs to go through before being groomed. Some groomers like your dogs to be fully vaccinated when they go in for their grooming appointment. This is because a lot of different dogs will be going to the salon where the grooming takes place. Each dog will have been to different places and live in different environments, therefore, being exposed to different settings. It is recommended that your dog is fully vaccinated before their first appointment, to prevent them from getting ill.


Is There a Maximum Age Limit?

No dog is too old to be groomed. Older dogs may have some more requirements than younger dogs due to their age. So, if you have an older dog that has specific requirements, bear it in mind when you book your grooming appointment. The groomer will need to be aware of your dog’s specifications to ensure that your pooch enjoys its time there and is looked after appropriately.


When Should I Start Having My Dog Groomed?

If you are planning on having your dog groomed, then you may benefit from starting the process as soon as possible. Having your dog groomed at an early age will allow them to understand the process and become comfortable with being handled and the equipment that is used. Dogs can be very wary and are incredibly protective of their owners, therefore, getting them to understand the equipment early on will make the grooming session much easier for both dog and groomer.  


Can I Stay with My Dog When They’re Getting Groomed?

For most dog grooming salons there is an area where you can sit and wait for your pooch to be groomed. This area tends to be outside the grooming room as it can get crowded and the dog’s safety is the priority. If your dog likes to be next to you at all times, then some dog grooming companies recommended that you aren’t in the dog’s sight as they may wiggle around trying to get to you.


Dog grooming is a useful service to help maintain your dog’s health. During a grooming session, your pooch will be pampered like the king/queen they are. Dog grooming in Essex has a team of friendly, approachable and experienced staff who love dogs. Should you require your dog to be groomed, they will be safe in the hands of the groomers.


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