Dog Grooming 101








Dog Grooming 101

Dog grooming is an essential part of having a dog. They need a great deal of care and attention due to their tendencies to get in muddy situations. We have prepared a list for dog grooming that will help you keep your pooch clean and healthy.


Exercising is great for your dog’s health. Physically it keeps them fit and healthy which promotes a good quality of life, however, you shouldn’t just focus on their physical health. Their mental health is just as important. Similarly to us, dog’s need reassurance and praise. Keeping them company and exercising with them will release endorphins and maintain and healthy balance.

Dog Food

It is very important to be feeding your dog the right types of food. Puppies, adults and senior dogs all need different types of foods as their needs and requirements at different ages will change. High protein foods a great option to ensure that your dog is getting a good balance. This won’t just impact their physical health but it will also benefit their coat and keep it healthy.

Teach Your Dog To Love Grooming

Getting your dog to love being pampered is a great way to encourage them to love grooming. If your dog is nervous of people or is scared of being groomed, then it can make grooming and health checks a very stressful experience for the dog. Getting them used to grooming at a young age will support this throughout their life.

Know Your Dog’s Coat Type

Each breed of dog has different fur and a different coat type. It is important to know the type of coat your dog has so that you can provide the ultimate care for it. Long haired dogs need to have their fur cut more regularly and cleaned due to the growth rate and it picking up dirt more easily.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is always a paramount factor with everyone and everything. Dog’s don’t have the luxury of being able to brush their on own teeth, therefore we have to do everything we can to help them keep their teeth clean. This can be done by providing special dental treats such a Dentastix, and by getting their teeth cleaned at the groomers. This can be a very stressful experience, so it’s best to get your dog used to this when they are a puppy.

Nail Trimming

If you regularly walk your dog in fields, their nails will have a tendency to grow quite long. Mixing up the walking between fields and concrete will assist in keeping the nails trim. Walking on concrete acts as a nail file. If you struggle to keep your dog’s nails trims, then your local dog groomers in Essex will be able to cut them back to reduce pain to your dog.

Regular Grooming

Keeping up with regular grooming will help maintain the dog’s health as well as allowing them to get used to the grooming process. It is important to keep it up so that the dog can get used to the process and the groomer and it will help keep the dog clean and healthy.

Health Checks

You can do quick health checks on your dog at home. Keep an eye on them, play with them and stroke them. This way you will be able to see and/or feel if any physical changes occur. Should you feel something unusual or they begin to slow down, then it may be worth taking a trip to the vets to get this checked out.

Floppy Ears & Droopy Eyes Special Care

Floppy ears and droopy eyes need special care to ensure that nothing gets infected. A gentle ear cleaner is very important to remove build ups of ear wax and foreign objects – such as insects or dirt. Be sure to keep their ears clean and dry.

Keep an eye on your dog’s eyes and be sure to keep them clear of any matter or discharge. Should you notice any, then gently wipe it away with a warm damp cloth. With dogs with droopy eyes, you can see their lower lids. These should be pink and remain pink. If at any point you notice, the lids are red, then consult your vet straight away.  

White Coats Care

Dogs with white coats will need special shampoos to ensure that their coat can remain as white as possible. Similarly to anything white, it can get stained and it is difficult to get out – especially on a dog. So, be sure to look after your dog’s white with dog-friendly shampoos that are specially made for white fur.


For more information about dog grooming, get in touch with dog grooming in Essex today and a member of our team will advise. 

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