5 Essential Commands To Teach Your Dog








5 Essential Commands To Teach Your Dog


We believe that dog training in Braintree is vital, no matter how big or small your dog. In fact, we feel that a disobedient dog is worse than a disobedient child because in most cases a dog can run a lot faster than a child.

In some cases it can be easier, and better, to train a puppy. However, if you get a dog when they are older it is not impossible to teach an older dog new tricks; regardless of the saying! Breaking a dog out of certain bad habits can be trickier, but with the right dog training in Braintree, it definitely isn’t impossible.

The main thing you need to teach your dog is that you are the pack leader and dog training in Braintree can help get that message across and also keep your dog inline when it comes to that behaviour. However, there are also five essential commands that we feel every dog should know and these are as follows;




Many owners find this to be the easier obedience training commands they can teach their dog. This is a command that is key for dogs to learn as it helps build impulse control and focus too. This is a good command to start with when you are training your dog.




This is a really important command for your dog to learn and can come in very handy when a door is accidentally left open, you lose grip of their lead or your dog slips out of their collar. Making sure that your dog understands the ‘come’ command can help keep them out of trouble and keep them safe.



This can be one of the trickiest commands to teach a dog because it puts them in a very submissive posture for a dog. You need to ensure that as you are training your dog to do the ‘down’ command that you are very calm and positive. This is a vital command for your dog to learn and it will help prevent them from jumping up or misbehaving.




You need to make sure that your dog is an expert in the ‘sit’ command before beginning dog training on the ‘stay’ command; you won’t be able to get a dog to stay anywhere if they haven’t been trained to sit. The tricky part of this command is that when you asking them to ‘stay’ you will often be stopping them from going somewhere that they want to go, or from getting something they want to get. This command is very much about your dog’s self-control.


Leave It


This is an essential command for keeping your dog safe. For example, you could be out for a walk and there is a plant that your dog is particularly interested in, but it is covered in a dangerous pesticide. The ‘leave’ command will potentially prevent your dog from taking a bite out of the plant and avoid them getting sick later. It’s also a good command to teach taller dogs that can reach counter tops and tables.


Please contact us directly if you would like help with dog training in Braintree so your best friend can learn these 5 essential commands. Or, get in touch for any other dog training support you and your dog need.

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